Stand Still, Look Pretty ❤


Massie is wearing a simple black crop top with one of her favourite skirts. She slips on her Jimmy Choos and push through the double doors. The sun hits her face as she steps on to the lush, green grass of the Block estate backyard. Only four more days until she turned sixteen. It was exhilarating. 

“No, no, no!” Anastasia, one of the three party planners, shouted at several sweaty men. “That’s all wrong!”

Massie sighed and gestured for Inez to bring the workers some refreshments as she walked over to Ana.  The brunette called the other two planners over and led them over to one of the tables. She sat down and crossed her legs.

“Alright, progress reports?” she asked, grabbing a glass of strawberry lemonade from the table and taking  a sip. While the three began to ramble on about “how great they were doing” and how “you should totally introduce us to you friends”, the alpha didn’t notice the four girls standing by the opened gate. Two blondes, one redhead and a brunette.

She smiled and walked past the three planners who stared after her and gave her friends a hug.

“The place looks great, Mass.” Kristen told her, flashing her pearly whites.

Massie smiled, took their hands, and led them towards the large area of tiles that lit up. The dance floor. She pressed a couple buttons at the DJ booth and began to dance. The girls followed along and they danced in the broad daylight.

Skye Hamilton may have had a good run at parties, but Massie Block was going to knock her down.


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Gold ❤

Massie had her hair in a high bun and her outfit was laid down in front her her (above.) She intended to spend every last minute of summer soaking up the sun. Her sunglasses covered the Urban Decay eyeshadow on her lids. The brunette pushed through the double doors and met up with the Pretty Committee in the backyard. In her hand, she held a sleek, pink folder with the words “Birthday Party Prep” in big, bold letters.

“Alright girls, we have some work to do.” Massie slid off her shades and looked the four other girls gathered around the table. She slid the folder to the middle and opened it up, allowing the others to pour over the contents.

“I want my birthday this year to be bigger, better, and a whole heck of brilliant.” she said, trying to hide her nervousness.

The alpha watched as the rest of the clique nodded in agreement and told her what they liked about the idea. And that was obviously everything. This year, Massie planned on making her party about all the moments that have happened in the past sixteen years. The first and second floor of the house will be divided in to fifteen sections. To represent each year of her glamorous life.

In room one, it will be showing a large slideshow of her life when she was one years old. And so on. The backyard will be the sixteenth section and it will be the main part of the party. Where the dance floor, music and the birthday queen will be, with her guests and pausing for pictures. Every room in the house will have it’s own special feature. Whether it be the gold centerpieces and food in one room or the visual effects in the other.

Every room will be different and unique. Just like every year of her life.

“This is amazing, Mass.” Dylan gushed, her eyes sparkling.

The other girls quickly agreed and Massie felt a proud smile slipping on to her face.

“I’ve called the top three party planners in the country, but they will need one week in advance to plan the party, since it will be very extravagant. Carter and I will be entering in a pink carpet.” she added.

After about an hour conferencing about the details, Massie slipped the folder back in her new Marc Jacobs bag.

“I think this calls for a toast and some swimming, right ladies?” she asked them, raising one of her perfect eyebrows.

“I totally agree.” Claire replied.

Alicia, Kristen and Dylan nodded as well.

The Pretty Committee then gathered and made their way in to the pool house. Slipping on their designer swimsuits, they all began to review the summer gossip that Alicia had picked up earlier. The main points of the conversation was how Shelby Wrexler had been dating a gamer geek, how Derrington had started to grow zits and how Josh and Olivia had got back together.

The group pushed out the door and Kristen counted them down.

“Five, four, three, two –“

Before the blonde had time to finish, the girls pushed her in to the water. But that was not before she dragged them down with her.  As each of their heads popped up, they broke in to fits of laughter. Water was being splashed and giggles erupted. Summer doesn’t last forever in Westchester, and these five were going to enjoy it.

Hello babes!

I’m officially off hiatus and I still don’t have a Pretty Committee. So just comment on my PC page if you want to join my Pretty Committee and I will review your blog and make a decision.

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I will be posting as regular from now on, so thank you for bearing with me.

Anyways, I hope you all like my August makeover!

Until next time, lovelies.

Massie ❤

Made In America ❤

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I type to you while Inez makes me a nice, refreshing glass of lemonade. The July sun blazes as she sets the cup next to my Macbook Pro. Just last night, the fireworks lit up the night sky and the sparklers lined the streets as people began to dance on the birthday of our country.

The Block Estate


Thursday July 4, 2013

3: 14 PM

My parents scrambled around with the help of the PC’s parents, gathering plates and utensils for the big barbecue tonight. Every Fourth of July, our family would have the biggest barbecue. We would invite a whole bunch of the families in the neighborhood and just have a good time.

The Pretty Committee and I gathered at the front of the house. Inside, you could hear pans and kitchenware dropping to the floor. Kendra tends to get quite frantic when it comes to hosting big events and that causes her to become a klutz in and out of the kitchen. Though with that baby in her stomach, she was a clumsy pretty much everyday, but just today more than usual.

The girls and I sat down under the shade of an oak tree and began to gossip. After a little bit, Alicia cut us off with news that made my head hurt.

“I got back together with Josh.”

We all stared at her with shocked and disgusted looks on our faces. Josh was a total jerk and a cheater. He was liplocking with Olivia Ryan on Alicia and his’ 10 week anniversary. How much more inconsiderate and horrible can you get?

“Why would you do that?” Claire asked while kind of screaming.

“Because he loves me.” She answered, her eyes wandering elsewhere.

I held her hand and moved her head to face me.

“Alicia Rivera, how can you be sure he loves you?” I asked her.

“Because he told me. I heard him say it.” the Spanish girl replied.

I sighed and lay head against the trunk of the tree. Thoughts and words running through my mind. Leesh was my best friend and I didn’t want to see her hurt again. Just in December, she was using up tissue boxes to wipe her tears and eating Pinkberry for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I just don’t want her to go through that again.

Kristen opened her mouth to say something, but I held up a hand to cut her off.

“Remember December, and him and Olivia. Then tell me if you still want to do this.” I ask her, hoping for the word “no” to slip out of her lips and to prevent any possible further heartbreak.

“I’m sure.” was all she said.

“Fine, but if he does anything to hurt you, then you are going to dump his cheating ass and the PC and I are going to make sure his social life fall to the center of the Earth. Agreed?”

That made my beta smile and she nodded. I then took all of my girls back to the backyard and the party started.

People started piling in through the gates and greeted familiar faces. The music was blaring from speakers placed all over the area and  a mass of bodies began to gather in the middle of it all. Dancing began and the food was served. Everyone was having a great time just enjoying themselves.

My mind fluttered back and forth between Alicia and the darkening sky. Then, I saw his eyes. Those mil chocolate eyes that you could fall right in to. I saw Carter.

I walked over to him, and he handed me a little red, blue and white box.

“What is this?” I asked, half surprised and half guilty because I didn’t get him anything.

“Open it.” he said, tugging at the ribbon.

I did as I was told and inside was a lovely charm. It was a key. A simple little key.

He held up his key ring and I saw a heart with a key hole through it.

“You hold the key to my heart, Massie.” he said, leaning in closer to me.

I closed the space between us and we had our first kiss. That’s when the first firework of the night shot in to the sky and the cheering began. When we pulled away, I laughed as he helped me put the charm on mu bracelet. I led him over to where the Pretty Committee now was.

We lit our sparklers and danced to Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato. The night would be etched in my memory forever as sparklers were held in the air and the music played.

Happy Fourth of July!

I personally am Canadian, but it’s a great holiday for all you Americans out there! I hope you have a great time and have fun!

Until next time lovelies.


Massie ❤

XO Claire Lyons

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Liebster Award Tag ❤

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Hello darlings! 

It’s MAB here, with a little tag post for you all today. I was tagged by the lovely Honor Jones to do this tag and I hope you enjoy it.  Here are the rules:

~The Blogger List 11 facts about themselves

~Awnsers 11 questions that the blogger who tagged them.

~Creates 11 questions for that the 11 bloggers who they tag.

~The tag is meant for bloggers who have less then 200 followers.

~You must alert the bloggers you tag.

❤ I am Chinese and speak both Mandarin and Cantonese

❤ I Tumblr roleplay

❤ I have auditioned for a television singing competition and made it to round two.

❤ My birthday is March 7th

❤ I want to be a cheerleader

❤ Demi Lovato is my singing idol

❤ I am good at field events (long jumps, etc)

❤ My bedspread is pink, yellow and white

❤ I have a roleplay help blog

❤ I hate roller coasters

❤ I love all my followers

Here are the questions and answers:

1. What is your dream job?

Becoming a singer

2. If you could switch bodies for a week with a Celebrity, who would it be?

Demi Lovato or Selena Gomez

3. What is your favorite book?

I have too many to pick just one!

4. What are your plans for the summer?

Hanging out with friends, having a healthier lifestyle and just having fun.

5. Who is your role model?

My sister.

6. What is your favorite TV Show?

Pretty Little Liars

7. If you could resurrect after you died to a certain day in your life, when would it be?

This is tough. I would resurrect to the day I went to Florida?

8.What is your summer plans?

Said in answer#4

9. Do you dance? If so, what styles?

No, I just dance for fun. I do the pop-ish, hip hop kind?

10. What is your favorite sport?

I like basketball and volleyball.

11. What blogger do you idol?


I tag you! Yes, you. The one reading this post .I tag you to do the Liebster Award Tag and feel free to comment below if you do it with the following questions:

❤ How do you get inspiration for your posts?

❤ Your favourite song to listen to while writing?

❤ Your current favourite summer trend?

❤ Summer goals 

❤ Favourite Youtuber?

❤ How do you relax?

❤ If you could be a character in a book, who would you be?

❤ Are you a morning person or a night owl?

❤ Sugar or spice?

❤ Best accessory for a night in the town?

❤ Who do you think you relate to most in the WordPress community?

Thank you for spending time to read this and my next post will be up on Friday! And Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadian friends. Our country has been independent and we stay proud.

Also, I have a new makeover up for summer. I hope you enjoy it because there are many more to come.

Until next time, lovelies.


Massie ❤


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Hey There, Pretty Brown Eyes ❤


The sun shines on my face as I type this post by the pool. My beautiful swimsuit (above) compliments my body perfectly as Bean swims around with her little, doggy floaties. A cup of pink lemonade sits on the table, waiting for me to take a sip. The past week was fabulous. Carter asked me out to the Spring Dance with a beautiful flower crown, similar to the one I got at the dance.

The Block Estate

Massie’s Bedroom

Saturday June 22nd, 6:32 PM

Bean barked as I twirled around in my new knee length dress. The colour was ocean blue and my hair was in a half-do. My nails were decorated with Essie nail polish and the radio played Cody Simpson’s catchy hit, Pretty Brown Eyes. 

The Sephora shopping bag on the floor was dying to be opened. I fulfilled it’s wish and began to work. My hands moved with grace across my face and soon it became even more flawless than before.  The sun was about to set and my night was about to begin.  After applying another coat of hairspray and lip gloss, I sashayed out the door.

Once in the kitchen, Kendra and William gushed over how beautiful I looked. They complimented me on every part of my outfit before the doorbell rang. Carter smiled and gave me a bouquet of flowers. He looked perfect in his tux. His eyes sparkled as he led me to his car. Did I mention he’s older?

After opening the passenger door for me like a gentlemen, he sat down beside me and gave me a kiss on the cheek. “You look lovely, Massie.” he told me.

So, with the soft music playing, we drove off in the direction of the school for a wonderful night.


Parking Lot

7:49 PM

The music could be heard from the parking lot as Carter helped me out of the car. We had stopped for a quick little dinner at Italia del Gusto, my favourite Italian restaurant. The door was being opened by teachers and we were greeted by smiles at the front door. There were flowers covering every corner of the hallways as we made our way to the gym.

The doors open to reveal a room packed full of dancing bodies and lovely outfits. I met up with the PC at one of the circular tables around the gymnasium .

“Hey girlies.”

They gasped at my outfit, since it was their first time seeing it as well. We examined each other and rated one another before the slow song came on. We separated with our dates and began to dance. The lights dimmed even darker and the lights swirled on the floor. I laid my head on Carter’s shoulder and his lips would be whispering thoughts in my ear.

“You look gorgeous tonight.”

“Thank you.”

“Will you be my girlfriend?”

“I will.”

That’s when the song ended and the lights came up. Shelby Wexler came up and announced the King and Queen. But you already know who it was.

Carter Jackson and Massie Block.

The whole room erupted in to applause and I smiled. We made our way to the stage and took what was rightfully ours. It was an amazing night with an amazing guy. I wouldn’t want to change a thing. Because at that moment, I was staring in to the most beautiful pair of pretty brown eyes.

Until next time, lovelies.

Massie ❤


XO Claire Lyons

Miss Kris Sexy Sports Babe

Alicia Rosalinda Rivera

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I Love It ❤


I am currently wearing this little ensemble as I type to you from my bedroom. The afternoon sun is shining in through my window as my Essie coloured nails touch the keys. I just came back from a shopping trip with the Pretty Committee and I wanted to inform you all about the events that unfolded during the previous hours.

BOCD High School

Front Steps

10:28 AM

The Pretty Committee and I gave each other last minute lip gloss checks before we stepped out of the Range Rover. I waved to Isaac as one of my Jimmy Choo heels touched the ground. After a long month in the Bahamas, all of us were more than ready to return to Briarwood Octavian Country Day High.

The sun shined down on my tan skin, the familiar feeling of warmth making me feel giddy.

“We walk to the beat of Wings by Little Mix. Alright?” I announced.

The girls nodded as we pushed open the doors. All eyes turned to face us while we made our way down the hallway. Boys stared, girls gasped. They were all surprised to see the top clique back at school.

Once I reached my locker, I flung it open and pulled out a sleek, new iPad. Then, I turned to face the four other girls that now carried puzzled looks on their faces.

“I came in a bit earlier and asked Mrs. Becker to download textbook apps on iPads instead of making us carry heavy books. Now, every student has one in their lockers to use throughout the school days. Isn’t it fabulous?” I cooed.

The PC nodded their agreement, compliments filling the air.

“That is so great, Mass.” Dylan exclaimed.

“I hated carrying that heavy math book, thank you!” Kristen chimed in.

The bell shook us out of our thoughts and all five lockers slammed shut at the same time.  The first few classes flew by in a blur. Before you knew it, the lunch bell rang.


Table 18

12:24 PM

After we all grabbed our lunches that included salads, sandwiches and a low fat piece of pizza (for Dylan, of course), we all gathered in our close knit circle.

“First act of  business, cute boy transformations over Spring Break. Alicia?”

Alicia ticked off a few names of various boys before she had to go make the lunchtime announcements. Since, we had this Spring dance coming up, she was going to spill the details to everyone else second hand. The Pretty Committee, of course, already knows this and it is old news to us. But, I guess we can’t say the same for the other people.

Once our lunch was done and in the trash,  Alicia’s voice came on through the speakers loud and clear.

“Hello students of BOCD! As you all know, ahv course, we are having our annual Spring dance next weekend!”

Applause rose throughout the cafeteria and down the halls. I smiled at the enthusiasm.

“At the dance, we will crown our King, Queen, Princes and Princesses of the Season. So, be sure to write up your votes and place them in the boxes that are being placed all over the school as I speak.”

I tuned out just as a boy with a surfer’s body walked past, his blue eyes sparkling. In his hands, he carried a bottle of Gatorade. Then, he stopped right in front of our table and looked at me. His perfect lips opening to speak.

“Hi, can you tell me where Mr.Brown’s class is?”

After I pointed him in the right direction, he smiled and me and said his thanks. After he was out of earshot, the Pretty Committee stared at me. Alicia joined us and Claire told her what just happened. Then, all of them squealed lightly in unison and I laughed at their childish way to express excitement.

“Leesh, get me his name.”

She smiled at me and said,

“Carter Jackson.”

Well, Carter Jackson, I think we’d make a good Queen and King at the dance, don’t you think?

Hello babes!

I am now back on my Massie blog and I will be blogging as usual. All my pages will be updated and a blog makeover is now greeting you! I hope you all enjoy my future posts, dolls.

Here’s some little spoilers for the upcoming days:

~ May WordPress Beauty

~ Pretty Committee auditions!

~ RL Blog opening

Also, I claim Shailene Woodley to be my new faceclaim, since she has not been used and she was claimed by me back in 2012. Please respect this fact.


Love you, dolls.

MAB  ❤