Massie Block

Charming, beautiful, talented, smart, cunning, sassy, hot, cute, hard working..

These are just a few words to describe an infamous legend…



I am Massie Alexandra Block, which you should probably already know if you have any social life. I am the daughter of William and Kendra Block. My home is in a beautiful city called Westchester. Look it up.

With a head of glossy, brown hair, I no doubt have the looks of a goddess. My auburn eyes have your hypnotized whether you are on the A-List or an LBR. What does that mean, you may ask..well, an Alpha never tells.

The Pretty Committee is my clique and we rule the halls of Briarwood Octavian Country Day High. We each have our own outgoing personality. We are at the top of the food chain in Westchester and we intend for it to stay that way. The four other girls are:

Alicia, Beta

The glamorous brunette that is known for her signature C-Cups and announcements. The Spanish freshmen really knows how to grab the attention of everyone from boys to girls alike.

Dylan, Gamma

The burping, laughing, food loving redhead. Her mother is the famous Merri-Lee Marvil, making her the go to girl for celeb party information, often getting us in A-List events or Hollywood premieres.

Kristen, Delta

This girl has got it all, the brains, the beauty and the blonde hair. Her soccer skills are just as good as her shopping ones. She can easily pick out an outfit for less, since she isn’t the richest in the bunch.

Claire, Omega

The bubbly girl from Florida. Once an LBR, always an LBR, right?  Wrong. After years of practice, she can now master a curling wand like no one else. Her little brother Todd usually being the topic of our disgust.

To us, claiming boys and Louis Vuitton bags are no problem. The PC and I get what we want with a snap of our fingers. But, sadly, I guess I can’t say the same for everyone else. 

For all you lurkers out there who want to get to know the Queen Bee, here are some facts about moi. Enjoy.

Signature Scent: Chanel No.19

Signature Colour: Purple, for royalty and Pink, for beauty.

Pets: A pug named Bean and a beautiful, white horse named Brownie.

Boyfriend: None, at the moment.

Known For: Being Alpha of the PC, modeling career, Be Pretty cosmetics, Glambition selling, Glossip Girl of the Month (March, June, and September)

Pet Peeves: People who wear clothes that just walked out of the dumpsterboyfriend stealers.

Competition: Olivia Ryan. 

Now when someone asks you who is the prettiest girl in all the land, don’t pick a princess. Pick me.

Love you, dolls.



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