Stand Still, Look Pretty ❤


Massie is wearing a simple black crop top with one of her favourite skirts. She slips on her Jimmy Choos and push through the double doors. The sun hits her face as she steps on to the lush, green grass of the Block estate backyard. Only four more days until she turned sixteen. It was exhilarating. 

“No, no, no!” Anastasia, one of the three party planners, shouted at several sweaty men. “That’s all wrong!”

Massie sighed and gestured for Inez to bring the workers some refreshments as she walked over to Ana.  The brunette called the other two planners over and led them over to one of the tables. She sat down and crossed her legs.

“Alright, progress reports?” she asked, grabbing a glass of strawberry lemonade from the table and taking  a sip. While the three began to ramble on about “how great they were doing” and how “you should totally introduce us to you friends”, the alpha didn’t notice the four girls standing by the opened gate. Two blondes, one redhead and a brunette.

She smiled and walked past the three planners who stared after her and gave her friends a hug.

“The place looks great, Mass.” Kristen told her, flashing her pearly whites.

Massie smiled, took their hands, and led them towards the large area of tiles that lit up. The dance floor. She pressed a couple buttons at the DJ booth and began to dance. The girls followed along and they danced in the broad daylight.

Skye Hamilton may have had a good run at parties, but Massie Block was going to knock her down.


Sorry for the short post! This was just a little update.


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