Gold ❤

Massie had her hair in a high bun and her outfit was laid down in front her her (above.) She intended to spend every last minute of summer soaking up the sun. Her sunglasses covered the Urban Decay eyeshadow on her lids. The brunette pushed through the double doors and met up with the Pretty Committee in the backyard. In her hand, she held a sleek, pink folder with the words “Birthday Party Prep” in big, bold letters.

“Alright girls, we have some work to do.” Massie slid off her shades and looked the four other girls gathered around the table. She slid the folder to the middle and opened it up, allowing the others to pour over the contents.

“I want my birthday this year to be bigger, better, and a whole heck of brilliant.” she said, trying to hide her nervousness.

The alpha watched as the rest of the clique nodded in agreement and told her what they liked about the idea. And that was obviously everything. This year, Massie planned on making her party about all the moments that have happened in the past sixteen years. The first and second floor of the house will be divided in to fifteen sections. To represent each year of her glamorous life.

In room one, it will be showing a large slideshow of her life when she was one years old. And so on. The backyard will be the sixteenth section and it will be the main part of the party. Where the dance floor, music and the birthday queen will be, with her guests and pausing for pictures. Every room in the house will have it’s own special feature. Whether it be the gold centerpieces and food in one room or the visual effects in the other.

Every room will be different and unique. Just like every year of her life.

“This is amazing, Mass.” Dylan gushed, her eyes sparkling.

The other girls quickly agreed and Massie felt a proud smile slipping on to her face.

“I’ve called the top three party planners in the country, but they will need one week in advance to plan the party, since it will be very extravagant. Carter and I will be entering in a pink carpet.” she added.

After about an hour conferencing about the details, Massie slipped the folder back in her new Marc Jacobs bag.

“I think this calls for a toast and some swimming, right ladies?” she asked them, raising one of her perfect eyebrows.

“I totally agree.” Claire replied.

Alicia, Kristen and Dylan nodded as well.

The Pretty Committee then gathered and made their way in to the pool house. Slipping on their designer swimsuits, they all began to review the summer gossip that Alicia had picked up earlier. The main points of the conversation was how Shelby Wrexler had been dating a gamer geek, how Derrington had started to grow zits and how Josh and Olivia had got back together.

The group pushed out the door and Kristen counted them down.

“Five, four, three, two –“

Before the blonde had time to finish, the girls pushed her in to the water. But that was not before she dragged them down with her.  As each of their heads popped up, they broke in to fits of laughter. Water was being splashed and giggles erupted. Summer doesn’t last forever in Westchester, and these five were going to enjoy it.

Hello babes!

I’m officially off hiatus and I still don’t have a Pretty Committee. So just comment on my PC page if you want to join my Pretty Committee and I will review your blog and make a decision.

Anyways, it’s great to be back and you can contact me on AIM at any time.

I will be posting as regular from now on, so thank you for bearing with me.

Anyways, I hope you all like my August makeover!

Until next time, lovelies.

Massie ❤


5 thoughts on “Gold ❤

  1. MAB,
    Lovely post!
    Your birthday party idea is really unique. I love how extravagant this will be and I’m sure your party attenders will love to see have you went from a baby to the queen bee.

    xo, Alicia Rivera

  2. Hey MAB!
    Wonderful post as always! I’m so glad you’re back and posting! Your birthday idea is so original! I love it! Can’t wait to read it!

  3. Welcome back MAB! We missed your wonderful posts! Your birthday sounds like it’s gonna be so much fun and it’s so unique! I can’t wait to see how it goes 🙂

    -Xoxo, Becca

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