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I type to you while Inez makes me a nice, refreshing glass of lemonade. The July sun blazes as she sets the cup next to my Macbook Pro. Just last night, the fireworks lit up the night sky and the sparklers lined the streets as people began to dance on the birthday of our country.

The Block Estate


Thursday July 4, 2013

3: 14 PM

My parents scrambled around with the help of the PC’s parents, gathering plates and utensils for the big barbecue tonight. Every Fourth of July, our family would have the biggest barbecue. We would invite a whole bunch of the families in the neighborhood and just have a good time.

The Pretty Committee and I gathered at the front of the house. Inside, you could hear pans and kitchenware dropping to the floor. Kendra tends to get quite frantic when it comes to hosting big events and that causes her to become a klutz in and out of the kitchen. Though with that baby in her stomach, she was a clumsy pretty much everyday, but just today more than usual.

The girls and I sat down under the shade of an oak tree and began to gossip. After a little bit, Alicia cut us off with news that made my head hurt.

“I got back together with Josh.”

We all stared at her with shocked and disgusted looks on our faces. Josh was a total jerk and a cheater. He was liplocking with Olivia Ryan on Alicia and his’ 10 week anniversary. How much more inconsiderate and horrible can you get?

“Why would you do that?” Claire asked while kind of screaming.

“Because he loves me.” She answered, her eyes wandering elsewhere.

I held her hand and moved her head to face me.

“Alicia Rivera, how can you be sure he loves you?” I asked her.

“Because he told me. I heard him say it.” the Spanish girl replied.

I sighed and lay head against the trunk of the tree. Thoughts and words running through my mind. Leesh was my best friend and I didn’t want to see her hurt again. Just in December, she was using up tissue boxes to wipe her tears and eating Pinkberry for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I just don’t want her to go through that again.

Kristen opened her mouth to say something, but I held up a hand to cut her off.

“Remember December, and him and Olivia. Then tell me if you still want to do this.” I ask her, hoping for the word “no” to slip out of her lips and to prevent any possible further heartbreak.

“I’m sure.” was all she said.

“Fine, but if he does anything to hurt you, then you are going to dump his cheating ass and the PC and I are going to make sure his social life fall to the center of the Earth. Agreed?”

That made my beta smile and she nodded. I then took all of my girls back to the backyard and the party started.

People started piling in through the gates and greeted familiar faces. The music was blaring from speakers placed all over the area and  a mass of bodies began to gather in the middle of it all. Dancing began and the food was served. Everyone was having a great time just enjoying themselves.

My mind fluttered back and forth between Alicia and the darkening sky. Then, I saw his eyes. Those mil chocolate eyes that you could fall right in to. I saw Carter.

I walked over to him, and he handed me a little red, blue and white box.

“What is this?” I asked, half surprised and half guilty because I didn’t get him anything.

“Open it.” he said, tugging at the ribbon.

I did as I was told and inside was a lovely charm. It was a key. A simple little key.

He held up his key ring and I saw a heart with a key hole through it.

“You hold the key to my heart, Massie.” he said, leaning in closer to me.

I closed the space between us and we had our first kiss. That’s when the first firework of the night shot in to the sky and the cheering began. When we pulled away, I laughed as he helped me put the charm on mu bracelet. I led him over to where the Pretty Committee now was.

We lit our sparklers and danced to Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato. The night would be etched in my memory forever as sparklers were held in the air and the music played.

Happy Fourth of July!

I personally am Canadian, but it’s a great holiday for all you Americans out there! I hope you have a great time and have fun!

Until next time lovelies.


Massie ❤

XO Claire Lyons

Miss Kris Sexy Sports Babe

Out On A Leesh

A Step In My Stilettos


8 thoughts on “Made In America ❤

  1. Hey Mass!
    Wonderful post! Alicia shouldn’t have gotten back together with Josh in my opinion, he seems like bad news. And the little key sounds so cute! Carter and you are ah-dorable as a couple.
    Ta ta,

  2. MAB,
    Wonderful post!
    Happy 4th of July to you too. (Even if you’re Canadian haha)
    Wow, Alicia getting back together with Josh might not be the best move. Hopefully she’ll come back to her senses!
    Awh, you and Carter are ah-dorable together. That gift was so sweet of him.

    Kisses from Kristen

  3. Hey!
    You probably haven’t seen me before, and that’s okay, because I’m new to WordPress! But I LOVE your blog! And this post was ahmazing. Alicia can do SO much better than Josh, but I trust you to keep your promise of destroying him if he hurts her. And you and Carter? Ahdorable. He seems so sweet and classy!
    -Kayla Ana-Marie

  4. MAB,
    I’m shocked that Alicia decided to date Josh again. Hopefully he’s truly learned from his mistake and won’t do anything to hurt her like that again. Aww it’s so sweet that you and Carter had your first kiss :]

    Kisses! Sincerely, GMB

  5. Massie,
    Great post!
    Personally, I don’t think Alicia should have gotten back together with Josh. But maybe things will work out this time and it’ll prove me wrong!
    Aww, the first kiss between you and Carter was too sweet!


  6. MAB,
    It’s sad that Alicia got back with Josh. Personally, I think once a cheater always a cheater, though I hope for Alicia’s sake that that wont be the case.
    Carter is ah-dorable, that was such a cute present and first kiss!

    The Original Alpha,
    Rory Blake

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