Hey There, Pretty Brown Eyes ❤


The sun shines on my face as I type this post by the pool. My beautiful swimsuit (above) compliments my body perfectly as Bean swims around with her little, doggy floaties. A cup of pink lemonade sits on the table, waiting for me to take a sip. The past week was fabulous. Carter asked me out to the Spring Dance with a beautiful flower crown, similar to the one I got at the dance.

The Block Estate

Massie’s Bedroom

Saturday June 22nd, 6:32 PM

Bean barked as I twirled around in my new knee length dress. The colour was ocean blue and my hair was in a half-do. My nails were decorated with Essie nail polish and the radio played Cody Simpson’s catchy hit, Pretty Brown Eyes. 

The Sephora shopping bag on the floor was dying to be opened. I fulfilled it’s wish and began to work. My hands moved with grace across my face and soon it became even more flawless than before.  The sun was about to set and my night was about to begin.  After applying another coat of hairspray and lip gloss, I sashayed out the door.

Once in the kitchen, Kendra and William gushed over how beautiful I looked. They complimented me on every part of my outfit before the doorbell rang. Carter smiled and gave me a bouquet of flowers. He looked perfect in his tux. His eyes sparkled as he led me to his car. Did I mention he’s older?

After opening the passenger door for me like a gentlemen, he sat down beside me and gave me a kiss on the cheek. “You look lovely, Massie.” he told me.

So, with the soft music playing, we drove off in the direction of the school for a wonderful night.


Parking Lot

7:49 PM

The music could be heard from the parking lot as Carter helped me out of the car. We had stopped for a quick little dinner at Italia del Gusto, my favourite Italian restaurant. The door was being opened by teachers and we were greeted by smiles at the front door. There were flowers covering every corner of the hallways as we made our way to the gym.

The doors open to reveal a room packed full of dancing bodies and lovely outfits. I met up with the PC at one of the circular tables around the gymnasium .

“Hey girlies.”

They gasped at my outfit, since it was their first time seeing it as well. We examined each other and rated one another before the slow song came on. We separated with our dates and began to dance. The lights dimmed even darker and the lights swirled on the floor. I laid my head on Carter’s shoulder and his lips would be whispering thoughts in my ear.

“You look gorgeous tonight.”

“Thank you.”

“Will you be my girlfriend?”

“I will.”

That’s when the song ended and the lights came up. Shelby Wexler came up and announced the King and Queen. But you already know who it was.

Carter Jackson and Massie Block.

The whole room erupted in to applause and I smiled. We made our way to the stage and took what was rightfully ours. It was an amazing night with an amazing guy. I wouldn’t want to change a thing. Because at that moment, I was staring in to the most beautiful pair of pretty brown eyes.

Until next time, lovelies.

Massie ❤


XO Claire Lyons

Miss Kris Sexy Sports Babe

Alicia Rosalinda Rivera

Dylan Victoria Marvil


8 thoughts on “Hey There, Pretty Brown Eyes ❤

  1. Hey Mass!
    Lovely post! You and Carter sound ah-mazing together! I’m so jealous! Haha just kidding. Can’t wait to see more lf you!

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