I Love It ❤


I am currently wearing this little ensemble as I type to you from my bedroom. The afternoon sun is shining in through my window as my Essie coloured nails touch the keys. I just came back from a shopping trip with the Pretty Committee and I wanted to inform you all about the events that unfolded during the previous hours.

BOCD High School

Front Steps

10:28 AM

The Pretty Committee and I gave each other last minute lip gloss checks before we stepped out of the Range Rover. I waved to Isaac as one of my Jimmy Choo heels touched the ground. After a long month in the Bahamas, all of us were more than ready to return to Briarwood Octavian Country Day High.

The sun shined down on my tan skin, the familiar feeling of warmth making me feel giddy.

“We walk to the beat of Wings by Little Mix. Alright?” I announced.

The girls nodded as we pushed open the doors. All eyes turned to face us while we made our way down the hallway. Boys stared, girls gasped. They were all surprised to see the top clique back at school.

Once I reached my locker, I flung it open and pulled out a sleek, new iPad. Then, I turned to face the four other girls that now carried puzzled looks on their faces.

“I came in a bit earlier and asked Mrs. Becker to download textbook apps on iPads instead of making us carry heavy books. Now, every student has one in their lockers to use throughout the school days. Isn’t it fabulous?” I cooed.

The PC nodded their agreement, compliments filling the air.

“That is so great, Mass.” Dylan exclaimed.

“I hated carrying that heavy math book, thank you!” Kristen chimed in.

The bell shook us out of our thoughts and all five lockers slammed shut at the same time.  The first few classes flew by in a blur. Before you knew it, the lunch bell rang.


Table 18

12:24 PM

After we all grabbed our lunches that included salads, sandwiches and a low fat piece of pizza (for Dylan, of course), we all gathered in our close knit circle.

“First act of  business, cute boy transformations over Spring Break. Alicia?”

Alicia ticked off a few names of various boys before she had to go make the lunchtime announcements. Since, we had this Spring dance coming up, she was going to spill the details to everyone else second hand. The Pretty Committee, of course, already knows this and it is old news to us. But, I guess we can’t say the same for the other people.

Once our lunch was done and in the trash,  Alicia’s voice came on through the speakers loud and clear.

“Hello students of BOCD! As you all know, ahv course, we are having our annual Spring dance next weekend!”

Applause rose throughout the cafeteria and down the halls. I smiled at the enthusiasm.

“At the dance, we will crown our King, Queen, Princes and Princesses of the Season. So, be sure to write up your votes and place them in the boxes that are being placed all over the school as I speak.”

I tuned out just as a boy with a surfer’s body walked past, his blue eyes sparkling. In his hands, he carried a bottle of Gatorade. Then, he stopped right in front of our table and looked at me. His perfect lips opening to speak.

“Hi, can you tell me where Mr.Brown’s class is?”

After I pointed him in the right direction, he smiled and me and said his thanks. After he was out of earshot, the Pretty Committee stared at me. Alicia joined us and Claire told her what just happened. Then, all of them squealed lightly in unison and I laughed at their childish way to express excitement.

“Leesh, get me his name.”

She smiled at me and said,

“Carter Jackson.”

Well, Carter Jackson, I think we’d make a good Queen and King at the dance, don’t you think?

Hello babes!

I am now back on my Massie blog and I will be blogging as usual. All my pages will be updated and a blog makeover is now greeting you! I hope you all enjoy my future posts, dolls.

Here’s some little spoilers for the upcoming days:

~ May WordPress Beauty

~ Pretty Committee auditions!

~ RL Blog opening

Also, I claim Shailene Woodley to be my new faceclaim, since she has not been used and she was claimed by me back in 2012. Please respect this fact.


Love you, dolls.

MAB  ❤


6 thoughts on “I Love It ❤

  1. MAB,

    Hey doll!
    It’s so great to have you back and blogging again!
    I find it very generous of you to put an iPad in every locker!
    And, why wouldn’t you get the title of queen?
    The picture in my head says: You + Carter = Ah-dorable!


  2. Massie,
    It’s so great to have to have to back blogging again, we missed you so much!
    It’s so nice of you to put iPad’s in everyone’s locker!
    I’m sure you’ll get the title of Queen!
    Can’t wait until your next post!
    Stay Classy,

  3. Massie,
    It’s so good to see your beautiful new posts back on WordPress!
    It’s so neat that you got everyone iPads! My RL school got issued them in October and we all adore them.
    Great post! I can’t wait to read more!


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